DJ Battle Rules

Entry fee: $10 paid in advance or $20 day of event

Age Limit: You must be 21 or over to compete in this battle

Equipment: DJs will be responsible for their own laptops, headphones, records, and slip mats.
Turntables and needles will be provided

Format: The battle will consist of 1 round. Each contestant will have 10 minutes to showcase their DJ skills for a panel of 3 judges.

Scoring: The contestant will be judged on a scale of 1-10 on the following 5 categories
1. Mixing (cleanliness of mix, smoothness of transitions)
2. Music Selection (setting a mood, music makes sense together)
3. Technical Skills (Difficulty, scratching, looping, remixing)
4. Showmanship (general watch-ability, crowd interaction, swagger)
5. Overall Enjoyment (overall impression on judge)

The 3 judges will then rank their top 3 DJs, and the corresponding point values will be assigned:
1st = 5 points
2nd= 3 point
3rd= 1 point

The DJ with the highest total will be declared the winner

Tips on how to Win: First and Foremost, Command the crowd is looking for a DJ that they can insert into a packed nightclub and have them rock the club and move the crowd. When putting together your set, please keep in mind how a packed night club would respond to what you are doing.

We are looking for DJs who can mix flawlessly and have a good understanding of an open format club and the types of music that is played there. If you have an upper level skill set, by all means, show it off, but do it in a tasteful manner that would not stop a dance floor. There are ways to incorporate scratching and other DJ skills which do not mess up the flow of a Party. If you have ever seen DJ Spryte, DJ Scene, or DJ Melo-D rock a club you know what I am talking about.

Some tricks, such as beat juggling, while being difficult and impressive, don’t resonate well in a club, so leave that at home. We want you do a club set and elevate it to the best of your abilities, but make sure it is still dance floor friendly.

Prizes: The winner will receive $100 and various other prizes

Finals: The top 2 DJs each month will be invited back to battle at the Grand finals for a gig at Studio in Hermosa.

Spring 2013 Studio (Hermosa Beach, CA)